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HqOS Platform
National Development
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How HqO Helps Grow Your Business

TeX intelligence
Become Data Driven

Use real-time data to drive capital investments, design programming, and increase revenue.

Mobile experience
Create an Experience

Offer the content, communities, and deeper sense of purpose in the workplace that attract and retain top tenants.

Increase Asset Value

Through data and differentiation, increase individual asset value and scale across your entire portfolio.

"HqO had the best stats for continued tenant use and was one of the few that could produce that data quickly."
Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah

JLL Spark

“HqO has been valuable in helping us build an innovation ecosystem at IDB, promoting tenant collaboration and connecting users with services and amenities.”
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips

President, Jamestown

“HqO is a valued partner, helping us improve our customer’s experience, and I look forward to continuing a long relationship together.”
David Moore
David Moore

SVP, EQ Office

“The app has definitely enhanced the satisfaction of the IDB tenants. Having convenient and useful onsite services allow our tenants to be more productive at work.”
Michael Dekrmnjian
Michael Dekrmnjian

Property Manager, Innovation & Design Building